Botart Chatbots Technical Advantages

We offer various advantages with our technologies. Primary features and technical advantages of Botart Chatbots have been described below:

  • With revolutionary custom built artificial intelligence libraries, Botart Chatbots do not require any third party API connections such as Google Services, IBM Watson etc. This feature allows our customers to protect sensitive customer data inside of the premise.


  • By the experiences that we gain from working at the banking industry, terminals and clients of the Botart Chatbots have high security measures by design.


  • Control panel of Botart Chatbots serve great user experience and it is easy-to-use even for an inexperienced users. After an hour of training, our customers are able to manage all their resources and knowledge bases without any need of our help.


  • Data representation of Botart Chatbots does not restricted by tree-based data structure. This feature allows our users to create free-form knowledge bases. Botart Heuristical Artificial Intelligence can manipulate free-form data and learn from it.


  • Botart Chatbot Control Panel includes several options for synchronization and integration with 3rd party APIs, platforms or applications. Without any custom development, our customers can integrate their own systems with Botart Chatbot Platform.


  • When Botart Chatbots could not find any answer for the questions of your customers, it shows customizable options to customers to complete their actions. These options can be re-phrasing the action that they would like to achieve, completing action with related web links or connecting to real client, etc.


  • When the actual client joins the conversation, Botart Chatbot update the status of itself to deactivated and it stops listening the conversation between customer and the client until client reactivate it.


  • Botart Chatbots serve detailed reports that include unanswered questions, questions by categories, questions by modules or services, etc.


  • Our customers can expand the knowledgebase of Botart Chatbots with a few clicks. From unanswered questions report, they can just click on the unanswered question, set or select the right answer for it and re-start the training phase. All done!


  • Botart Chatbots can find the typos and fix it up to one character (wrong letter, extra letter, missing letter).


  • For issues like absence of the special characters (such as Turkish letters ç,ı,ğ,ö,ş,ü) or ascified usage of them (ç->c, ğ->g, etc.), Botart Chatbots can fix these issues and find the right words.


  • Botart Chatbots can understand the positive or negative meaning of the word.


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