botart designs and develops specialized intelligent bots for industries via unique and game changing technologies.


Flexible, Reliable and Easy To Use

Botart Chatbots help you to take advantage of AI to grow your business!

Products and Services

Make it easy for customers to access the right products and services

Customer Service

Providing sustainable customer satisfaction by making it easy and fast to reach customer service

Call Center

Save up to 37% from call center costs

Primary Features

Botart Chatbots use cutting edge technologies to provide various advantages

Platform Independent

By Botart Open API Support, our products are integration-ready for all platforms.

Trainable artificial intelligence

With user-friendly training interfaces, our products are open to continuous expansion and optimization.

Integration Ready

With API support, you can integrate our chatbots with your other softwares such as ERP, CRM or HR systems.


You can customize our products for needs and use-cases of your company.

Rapid start

We have special products for several industries. By using one of them, you can publish your own chatbot in a day.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

You can monitor the interaction between the chatbot and your customers, take the advantage of it to improve the quality of your service.

Why you should use Botart Chatbots?

Botart Chatbots use abilities of cutting edge AI technologies to offer unique features beyond our competitors. Read our advantages about AI technology, user experience, product management, integration and more.


Our Products

We offer various solutions for different needs. You can inspect demo videos of our products.

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You can request an exclusive demo for your needs. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

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Use Cases

Most common implementations of our chatbots


  • Customizable for your use cases
  • Multiplatform support with Open API support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Highly secure


  • Optimized for the needs of the finance industry
  • Multiplatform support with Open API support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Highly secure


  • Optimized for the needs of the human resources departments
  • Multiplatform support with Open API support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Highly secure


  • Optimized for the needs of the airlines
  • Multiplatform support with Open API support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Highly secure

Watch The Video

Watch the short introduction video of Botart Chatbots

the poster frame - in the form of a button to make it keyboard accessible

Compare Our Plans

You can compare our SaaS (2 options) and On-Premise products

Installation Cloud Cloud On-Premise
Licence Period Montly Montly Permanent
Supported Platforms Facebook Unlimited* Unlimited*
API Support
Version Updates Automatically Automatically On demand
Support & Maintenance Fee Included Included On demand
Technical Support Max. 25 Tickets/Month Max. 25 Hours/Month Max. 32 Hours/Month
Free Maintenance For 3 Months
Custom Integrations man.day man.day
Custom Developments man.day man.day
User Training Online Max. 4 Hours Max 8 Hours
Price Get in touch Get in touch Get in touch
Purchase Purchase Purchase

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12 Nisan 2018

Startup Lithuania Roadshow Yarışması

Startup Lithuania Roadshow yarışmasında kazandığımız başarı ile Litvanya'daki startup hızlandırıcısı Business Hive  Vilnius'a kabul edildik....

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14 Şubat 2018

Türkiye Yapay Zeka Zirvesi

Yapay zeka teknolojilerinin ve geleceğinin tartışıldığı Türkiye Yapay Zeka Zirvesindeyiz.    

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05 Aralık 2017

Türkiye İnovasyon ve Girişimcilik Haftası

Botart olarak biz de Türkiye İnovasyon ve Girişimcilik Haftası etkinliğindeyiz! İstanbul Kongre Merkezine gelerek standımızı...

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